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The worst thing that you can do as a new entrepreneur is open a new business or create a new product or service and not clear the name. What is someone already has rights to the name that you wish to use or are already using? You risk the possibility of receiving a cease and desist letter in the mail, being sued, and being forced to rebrand your entire business or product.

When you register your trademark you have the full rights to your brand that is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Registering your trademark protects you and your business enterprises from future liabilities that can be extremely costly to you.

By applying for a trademark you can protect a word, design (logo), symbol, tagline, or a slogan. Trademarks are either word marks or design marks, essentially you are protecting the name or the design. Our firm’s trademark attorneys have secured countless trademarks for businesses and organizations both local and international.