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At Law Group is here to assist you with all of your real estate law needs throughout the Detroit area. Real estate transactions can be complex, and there is often a considerable amount of money at stake in such transactions. It only makes sense to work with an experienced attorney in your real estate dealings. Our firm can help look out for your best interests, and ensure that you are always within legal compliance throughout the process.

We are familiar with a wide range of complex real estate transactions, including short sales, foreclosures, commercial real estate purchases, lease/purchase agreements, zoning and land use and mortgage modifications. When you hire our firm, we become your advocate and go to work to protect you and your organization. We will make certain that every detail is covered, and will be happy to advise you on any matter of real estate law that relates to your situation.

Our firm also works in landlord/tenant law. If you are a landlord with a problem tenant and you want to know your legal options, or if you are in need of a lease that accomplishes your goals, we can help. We also work with tenants who are having issues with their landlord honoring a lease. Whatever side you are on, when you are our client, we do all we can to get you the results you want from your case.