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Dearborn Business Attorney

By way of proper legal mechanisms and comprehensive business and legal counsel, our Dearborn business attorney help businesses and form, grow, and realize their goals. We establish a strong infrastructure for organizations to develop their operations for long-term growth. From corporate structures, to operating agreements and business formation, to contract drafting and review, we have helped organizations reach their potential. 

Our attorneys have assisted small businesses across the country, and internationally. Due to our passion to save organizations time and resources, we prioritize often overlooked legal matters that save clients thousands of dollars. This allows organizations to focus on the mission and vision of their establishments and better serve their customers or constituencies. 

Business Contracts, Formations, & Assessment Services

Our law firm focuses on the practice of domestic and international business. Our Dearborn business attorney can assist clients in all legal matters. All our attorneys come from an international background and perspective. In addition, we have experience in international affairs and consulting for companies and organizations doing business abroad. In particular, between the United States and the Middle East.

Our firm handles both start-up and established companies and organizations. Private corporations, nongovernmental organizations, and international nonprofits are some of the types of entities engaged in international activities for which we provide legal counsel. International trade, investments, and general business transactions are a few areas our firm services domestic and international clients.

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract review
  • Operations assessment
  • Liabilities assessment
  • Ongoing counsel
  • Employer-employee handbooks
  • Employer-employee agreements

Our Detroit Corporate Attorneys Can Help You Avoid Court

When facing a legal dispute, do you really have to go to court?

Believe it or not, courts actually prefer when parties to a conflict or dispute use alternative methods to the traditional route of pursuing legal claims through the court system. The argument is for judicial economy, which essentially holds the perspective of reducing the burden on an already overly consumed court system. With less cases coming through the court, and instead being resolved in other manners, it would relieve the court in both time and resources – which it so scarcely has to begin with.

So what is an alternative dispute resolution, also known as ADR? ADR refers to methods such as mediation and arbitration employed to resolve disputes. Instead of pursuing litigation (the process of taking legal action through the court system). Often, creative attorneys like our Dearborn business lawyer who practice mediation and arbitration can be instrumental in resolving clients’ disputes with other parties. All without having to step a foot in the courtroom. From individual disputes to international corporate matters, alternative dispute resolutions can save parties a great deal of headache, hostility, time and money.

How Business Attorneys Employ ADR

Legal parties employ alternative dispute resolution in several ways. In most cases, parties that choose the route of mediation or arbitration can save half the cost involved in hiring legal counsel. In addition, it can save clients a great deal of time. Our Dearborn business lawyer understand the formal litigation process  can last years. A dispute that can be effectively handled outside of the court system should be highly considered. 

States, companies, and organizations across the world are employing alternative methods to dispute resolution more and more. From Europe and North America to Asia and Africa, experts have advocated for alternative dispute resolution. The goal is to help build cooperation, trust, and meaningful connections between parties. Justice Adejumo of Nigeria recently expressed his fondness of the establishment of an ADR center in his country. Dearborn business attorney.

“It provides a platform for the robust-in-thought and a clearing-house for multi-faceted industrial and workplace disputes. There is no doubt that the center will be able to transform conflicts into cooperation. In addition, mistrust into trust, and alienation into meaningful human connectedness. Thereby promoting Industrial and peace and sustainable development in Nigeria”. Employing ADR internationally, and here at home, is key.


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